The 400 Sunny Isles condo is one of the more recent luxury towers. Boasting two twenty-story towers, 400 Sunny Isles offers 230 residences, breathtaking views, and top amenities this side of Florida has to offer. See 400 Sunny Isles online brochure

The luxury towers are designed by renowned architect Chad Oppenheim, the same expert known for the Marina and Beach Towers in Dubai and The Cube in Miami, Florida, with drawings by Architect of Record, Kobi Karp. As with Oppenheim’s other designs, 400 Sunny Isles features a spectacular and innovative architectural design.

Aside from its prime address, 400 Sunny Isles also offers stunning waterfront view of the Biscayne Bay and easy access to the nearby Oleta River State Park where outdoor activities abound.

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